Our mission and vision

I’m your common sense candidate, I’ve worked, lived, and helped to perpetuate Downtown Grand Junction for the past 20 years! In that time I’ve diligently watched the trends, talked with visitors, listened to business owners, and serviced the community. This is what I support:


Support Community Centers
Support recreation opportunities for the community
Support cultural events in our community
Support live music in our community
Support the arts in our community
Support equality for all citizens


Develop a public transportation system that supports the businesses, nightlife, and entertainment in our community.
Support the development of broadband


Support economic development that brings good paying jobs to our community.
Support attractive store fronts in our community.
Support development of industrial parks.
Invest in renewable energy.

Your Support Matters.

There are many ways for you to get involved. From simply voting on Election Day, to volunteering your time or donating to the campaign, every bit helps. Visit us on social media or fill out the contact form below to get in contact and learn about the issues affecting our community.

The Issues

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